Biggest Spider in the World

Here's the Biggest or Largest Spider in the World

The World's biggest spider is generally though to be the Goliath bird eating Tarantula, Theraphosa blondi.

The scientific name comes from the Greek Thera - Wild animal and Phos - Light).

Native to the rain forest regions of northern South America, these spiders have up to a 30 centimeter (12 in) long leg span when fully extended and can weigh over 120 grams.

Wild goliath birdeaters are a deep burrowing species, found commonly in marshy or swampy areas. Goliath birdeaters usually live in burrows in the ground that they have either dug themselves or have been previously abandoned by rodents or other similar creatures.

There's something about spiders that gives most people the creeps, instilling a sense of fear and loathing upon seeing one. It's as though there's a part of the human brain that perceives the form of a spider as dangerous or threatening. Perhaps those deep dark feelings we get when we see a spider are echoes of an ancient human behavioral response known as instinct. Most of the thousands of species of spiders on this earth carry a venom that is virtually harmless to humans, but there are a few species which carry a deadly venom. Based on primitive human experiences a permanent message has been embedded in our genetic make-up, one that warns us that spider = danger. And when we see a spider that is as large as a dinner plate, we get the creeps BIG TIME.

But the goliath bird-eating spider is pretty harmless to humans, as are most species of tarantulas. They do carry venom in their fangs and have been known to bite humans when threatened, but the venom just causes swelling and mild pain for a few hours (like a wasp sting). Tarantula bites to humans are usually in self-defense and don't always contain spider venom - what is known as a "dry bite".

The most dangerous thing about the goliath bird-eater is its ability to flick urticating hairs from its body at any creature it perceives as a threat, including humans. This is not a species of tarantula you'd keep as a pet. The tiny, almost invisible hairs that it voluntarily sends floating through the air are extremely irritating to our skin, and can cause real problems if they got into delicate mucous membranes around eyes and mouth.

The Goliath Birdeater, Theraphosa leblondi, is a tarantula, and it is the largest spider in the world. Despite its name, the Goliath Birdeater does not eat birds; it eats invertebrates such as crickets and mealworms, and also small vertebrates such as mice and lizards.

Native to South America, these spiders can be as large as 30 centimetres (12 inches) in leg span, when their legs are stretched out.

The Goliath Birdeater is one of the few tarantulas which can catch, kill, and eat a full-grown mouse.

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